Eric Filion (NOKAMI)

Is an Canadian designer, technologist and artist in new media.

eric filion nokami solastalgia


Composite #26 (Montreal, Canada, 25th December 2021)

Composite #26 le 25 février 2021 à partir de 17h30. eric filion nokami hereditas
eric filion nokami hereditas
eric filion nokami hereditas


Lorsque le soleil se couche sur Montréal, la ville animée se transforme en une métropole effrayante et sombre. Avec plus de 150 histoires de fantômes documentées, Montréal prétend facilement être la ville la plus hantée du Canada, sinon de toute l'Amérique du Nord.

When the sun goes down over Montréal, the vibrant city transforms into a spooky and shadowy metropolis. With over 150 documented ghost stories, Montréal easily lays claim to being the most haunted city in Canada, if not all of North America.

Credit (sound designer)

Michael Trommer is a Toronto-based producer, sound designer and sound artist; his experimental work has been focused primarily on psychogeographical and acoustemological explorations via the use of field recordings, infra- and ultrasound, as well as multi-channel installation and expanded video techniques.

He has released material on an unusually diverse roster of labels, both under his own name as well as 'sans soleil'. These include Transmat, Wave, Ultra-red, and/OAR, Audiobulb, Audio Gourmet, Gruenrekorder, Impulsive Habitat, Stasisfield, Serein, Flaming Pines, 3leaves, Unfathomless and con-v. His audio-visual installation work has been exhibited at Australia’s ‘Liquid Architecture’ festival, Kunsthalle Schirn in Frankfurt, Cordoba’s art:tech and Köln’s soundLAB, among others.

Michael has performed extensively in North America, Europe and Asia, including events with members of Berlin's raster-noton collective, as well as the 2008 and 2013 editions of Mutek's acclaimed a/visions series. He also regularly improvises with Toronto-based AI audio-visual collective 'i/o media'.

His sound design work encompasses composition, audio branding, installation and VR audio for clients such as Moment Factory, Intel and Yahoo, as well as soundtrack and production development for a variety of international cinema, dance and installation artists.

In addition to teaching sound design and Think Tank at OCAD University, he is currently a PhD candidate in Cinema and Media Arts at York University.